About Me

Hi my name is Vicky and I am a Lawyer from the UK who likes to dabble in photography from time to time.

On the 10th August 2013 I upped sticks and moved from the sometimes sunny and often rainy England to the often sunny and sometimes rainy Darwin which is in the Northern Territory of Australia to spend a year with my Aussie boyfriend.

I live in a house in the middle of the outback surrounded by all kinds of wildlife (and spiders) with not only an outdoor shower but also an outdoor toilet!

I’ve been bombarding my friends and family with photos of my adventures and attempts to master the art of BBQ cooking so thought I might try and share the adventures via a blog. Not sure how good I will be at keeping this up to date bearing in mind I thought about doing it first in about August 2013 and haven’t always been the best at keeping projects up but thought it would be fun especially at the start of a new month as its now the 1st February 2014!


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Vicky, thanks for stopping by my blog. Love seeing another ex-pat lawyer (though I’m currently not practicing) who ended up down under with an Aussie partner! Looking forward to reading about your adventures.


    1. It’s a very small world some times! I’m not practising yet but hoping to get there once my visa is all sorted out πŸ™‚ Thank you for visiting my blog too


  2. Hi Vicky, I stumbled upon your blog as I was researching Darwin for my upcoming move. I have accepted a permanent job there, so my partner and I arrive in a month or so. We are Americans who have been expats in the Netherlands for the last 3 years. We are always interested in hearing of how other expats get on in new places, so thanks for your stories and insights!


  3. What a great story…and what a HUGE change it must be moving from England to Australia! I loved learning a little more about you and your journey–and I can’t wait to read more! πŸ™‚ #BLtribedare


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