Books ‘n’ Bloggers Recap Post

A little while ago I mentioned that I was participating in the Books ‘n’ Bloggers swap which is being run by Chaotic Goddess.

I was linked up with Chiara of Books for a Delicate Eternity which was kind of perfect as she blogs about books she has read and really loves Young Adult books which I am a bit of a fan of.

Chiara has been so lovely and it has been such a fun experience getting to know her but also reading her blog for book inspiration.

The idea behind the swap is that we get to know each other and then send each other 3 books which meet the following requirements:

1. A book that you love
2. A book you haven’t read but are interested in
3. A book from your partners wish list

I love the books that Chiara has chosen for me and she chose the following books which I think are pretty perfect for me. I can’t wait to get started on them once I finish my current book so I can tell Chiara all about them and if I think of doing it, doing a book review or two.

These are my lovely new books:

Beautiful New Books

1. A book that she loves – Shadows by Paula Weston
2. A book that she hasn’t read but are interested in – The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Maas
3. A book from your partners wish list – Daughter of Smoke and Bones by Laini Taylor

It was also lovely to receive actual physical books because we could swap eBooks if we wanted but we thought it would be great to swap the books and for me this is nice as I always used to enjoy reading a physical book but having a Kindle made it so much easier to read and also buy a new book when I wanted to read one.

Chiara’s post is here and just in case you wondered what I sent her my list is here:

1. A book that I love – Residue by Laury Falter
2. A book I haven’t read but am interested in – To All the Boys I love by Jenny Han
3. A book from your partners wish list – Charmed Thirds (Jessica Darling #3) by Megan McCafferty

Check out the link below to see who else has participated and what books they have swapped!


Books ‘n’ Blogger Swap

I love reading and talk about it quite often on my blog as well as discussing how well (or badly) I am doing with the Summer Reading Challenge.

I saw that Chaotic Goddess was running a book swap for bloggers and knew I had to participate as this kind of thing is totally up my alley so to speak!

The rules are simple, after signing up and confirming where you live and what kind of books you like to read you get partnered with another blogger with similar likes and I have been partnered with Chiara from Books for a Delicate Eternity and then you get to know each other before sending three books as follows at the end of June:

1. A book that you love
2. A book you haven’t read but are interested in
3. A book from your partners wish list

This is going to be the perfect way to meet new bloggers but also discover books that you haven’t heard of or read before. My wish list is small at the moment as I just started it and need to work out what books I don’t yet own from my “to read” list.

I’m looking forward to the challenge of choosing 3 perfect books for Chiara as well as getting to know her better.