I’m not good at surprises

I’m not afraid to say that I am someone who likes to know exactly what is planned or I end up organising things so that I know their done the way I like them to be done.

Hence I decided what restaurant me and the Aussie would visit on my birthday on Wednesday (I chose Moorish in Darwin and it was amazing! I’ll share more of the he pictures later)! He told me to decide, probably a bit scared of choosing somewhere I wouldn’t like!

On Thursday the Aussie came home from work and told me that he had got me something else for my birthday. He wouldn’t tell me what it is, only that it’s a bird with big feet? Ummmmm what!?!

I asked when I would receive the gift and was told sometime soon, I was concerned I might be busy, hectic social life and all that, and was told that if I wasn’t available then I would miss out!!!

I have spent quite sometime asking questions now:

Q – Is it an animal vegetable or mineral?
A – I think that would be fairly obvious – only if it’s an actual bird?

Q – can I sit in it
A – maybe or maybe not

Q – will I receive it at home
A – possibly

It’s really quite infuriating now! I’ve reminded the Aussie of my control freak ness and also that I am a lawyer but even my best negotiation skills have failed. Apparently he is aware that I am terrible with surprises and now I’m just waiting and wondering.

I’ve asked friends and other than an actual bird with big feet (Jacana?) maybe we have no idea.
Crown Crested Jacana Running
What do you think it could be, any and all suggestions will be very gratefully received and when I finally find out I will share it with you all, if I don’t go crazy first of course.


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