Darwin Fridge Festival

I was just looking back over my photos on my phone for another blog post and realised I totally forgot to share my photos for Darwin’s Fridge Festival (yes fridge not fringe!).

This event takes place every year during October. I visited for the first time last year and was very impressed by the array of well fridges that mostly no longer looked like fridges!

This year it took place from 25 October until 02 November and we popped along one evening after having dinner at the Waterfront where the fridges are left on display for you to take a look.

The blurb in the website says that the festival is a celebration of Darwin, its people and the humble fridge. It is a chance for everybody, everywhere, to make art. It focuses on recycled arts and sustainability. Paint or decorate a fridge. Turn it into a different object.

My favourite fridge this year was the Yellow Submarine which looked very like a submarine rather than a fridge. It even had a button you could press that would play the song Yellow Submarine.


The others we saw were pretty amazing too and the pictures are below.







All in all this is a really fun event to visit in Darwin and there are lots of events associated with it that are good to go along too. Last year me and the Aussie went to an event run by the local camera club and I’m now on the committee for the club so it was a great way to find out more about the camera club for me.


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