There’s No Place Like Home?

Today I am taking part in the #fireworkpeople blog hop. The #fireworkpeople is a community for creatives, dreamers and entrepreneurs who want to change the world which launched on Facebook from a Twitter Party on Tuesday nights at 9pm. You can see what everyone else in the blog hop has posted here.


A lot of people don’t live where they were brought up or near their family like me and it made me wonder where you call home?

Even though I am English and living in Australia I do still consider England to be my home, especially my parents house where there are some of my favourite people and our animals.

When I visited England for two weeks in September I described it to people as going home and it really did feel like that when I got there and it was a wrench to leave my home, family and friends. However I do also consider Darwin to be my home and I had the same going home feeling when I arrived back in Darwin as when I arrived home in England. I wonder if it is because this is where I live with the Aussie?

Thinking about it all, I think that the saying “Home is where the heart is” is very true, for me at least. England has my parents, extended family and my best friends and when I saw them all even for that short time it was as if I hadn’t been away. We started up where we last left of by text, FaceTime, email or What’s App message and carried on as if I had actually seen them last week in person, it felt exactly the same as it was before I moved to Darwin.

Being back in Australia has been the same although I do miss spending time everyone in England in person, especially with these god awful time zones!

Arriving back in Darwin though made me realise what I have here as well. I’ve got a great job, lovely apartment, awesome friends and always seem to be busy. Every week in Darwin we seem to meet new people as well and they always make an impact upon you even if it is for a short time.

So I think that the reality is that you can have several places that you call home and will always love to visit or return to each of them because of what that place means to you. The fact that you miss people and a place means that they have a hold over you and will always be special to you.

So yes I believe there is definitely no place like home but I think that home is whatever you need it to be.



6 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home?

  1. It’s one of the best bits about being an expat and one of the worst. On the one hand we have ‘homes’ all over the place, lucky us, but on the other hand that means that we often leave home and the people we love behind. Since leaving the UK I feel like I’m always missing out on something.

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    1. So true you feel a bit like you have no “home” because you moved but then you realise actually I do it’s just my homes not in one specific place, it’s where the people you love are


  2. So true. I have two homes: Chicago and Melbourne; one foot in each country, one half of my heart in each city. And my life is richer because of it.


  3. I agree! I just moved away from home 6 months ago and will be going home for Christmas so I am expecting to feel just like this on my trip home!

    Side note: I came to your page looking for your pinterest for this weeks #BLTribedare but couldn’t find it, so I thought I would leave you a comment instead! Have a good day!


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