Keeping My Feet On the Ground…

At least for the time being anyway!

So I have finished my adventuring for a little while. In the space of 3 and a bit weeks I traveled from Darwin to Somerset in the UK to spend two fantastic weeks with my family, attend one of my best friends weddings, catch up with my other great friends from home and work and catch up with my extended family which I loved.

I arrived back in Darwin 2 days after leaving the UK, due to the joy of time zones, and after a short day at home was back at work, for 2 days, before jetting off to Melbourne for a girlie weekend with some of my great friends from Darwin!

We had a brilliant time in Melbourne and I will write a separate post about our visit because we did and saw lots and I fell in love with the city just a little bit.

Anyway it is lovely being back in Darwin and sleeping in my own bed but again I feel the pull of the UK and everyone who I love being there whilst I am so far away. I’m luckily to have two “homes” with wonderful people I care about a lot in both places and everyone is so good at keeping in contact it does feel a bit like I have never been away when I am when I am home.

After a short break from adventuring it will be time to plan the next one – until then here is a video of a penguin being tickled, you are welcome!!!


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