Love You England

When this post publishes I will be on a plane somewhere between the UK and Darwin. I have been having a blast during my trip to the UK and not even an ear infection can dampen the spirits (even if it happens 3 days before I am due to fly back to Australia as well!).

View of Cheddar

I’ve spent lots of time with my parents and brother which has included trips to the seaside and Cheddar hunting for some good old Cheddar cheese as well as some lovely days at home with them and our dogs. We’ve been exploring the village where my parents live whilst taking the dogs for walks in the evenings as well which has been fun as there are lots of nice walking tracks to wander around.


My Mum has cooked me some of my favourite meals of roast turkey, lamb and beef, beef stew (not the wisest of choices on a 25 degree C day) and cakes and we also enjoyed some proper cod fish and chips as well.

Cheese Cheese Cheese!!!
Cheese Cheese Cheese!!!

I’ve also spent lots of time with my Grandma, cousin and Aunties and Uncles which has been lovely as I haven’t seen them since before I left for Darwin and I’ve missed a couple of family get together’s whilst I have been away. We had a lovely lunch on Saturday and I was even surprised by my Auntie and Uncle coming along when I thought they would be away.

As I mentioned in this post, I came to the UK in September to attend and celebrate my friends wedding which meant catching up with her and some of our friends who we went to school with at a dinner and then at the wedding.

I also managed to catch up with my old housemate who I lived with for 5 years through University and also for a bit when we started work. We both started our first job after university on the same day on the 27 September 2004. We always remembered our joint work anniversary and she realised that it is 10 years since we both started work when I was at home. We spent a lovely afternoon together having lunch and wandering around the shops in Bristol, and if the Aussie asked I definitely didn’t buy anything!!!

Have to make time for cocktails
Have to make time for cocktails

There was also time to catch up with my friends from my last two jobs in Bristol and we met up for lunch in my first week home and also cocktails at my favourite cocktail bar called Coal (two for one cocktails too! and dinner this week at Brasserie Blanc which was pretty amazing food!!

Dinner at Brasserie Blanc
Dinner at Brasserie Blanc

All in all I have crammed a lot into these short two weeks and have managed to catch up with almost everyone that I wanted to see. Fingers crossed I will be back at Christmas so we can spend even more time together.

I have also invited everyone I’ve seen to come stay with me and the Aussie in Darwin. We only have one spare room so fingers crossed they won’t all rock up at the same time, although I think it would be fun!


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