Our Best Friends Wedding

I came back to the UK in September because one of my best friends was getting married. It was such a lovely and exciting day to see one my favourite people in the whole world marrying such a wonderful man.

I have known the bride since our first day of secondary school in 1993 and we have grown up together sharing and celebrating many important moments in our lives. She has been there for me throughout and has been a huge support for me in my move to Australia, being at the wedding was very important to me.

The bride and groom asked me to do a reading at the wedding and after scouring a lot of wedding readings I found one by Edmund O’Neill which they and I loved. It was an honour to play a part in the ceremony and to share the day with them.

I was asked by the brides Mum to take a few photos at the brides house before she left for the ceremony as a surprise and I was very glad I brought my DSLR camera home with me to the UK so I could do this. I had fun taking photos as everyone got ready to leave for the venue.

It was so lovely to share this time with the bride because I was able to help her get ready for the wedding and also stayed at her house with her until it was time to leave which meant we were able to spend some quiet time together with her step dad laughing and reminiscing.

The weather was perfect, the bride look stunning, the groom looked very handsome and everything went smoothly. I spent the day with our other school friends who I have known since I was about 5 and met the brides lovely other friends who she has met whilst living in London.

We danced until the music stopped and then stayed up chatting about how great the day was before meeting again for breakfast the next day. The only downside was that I had to leave the Aussie in Darwin for the trip this time and he missed a great day but I have told him all about it!

There were a few tears when we had to say goodbye as the bride and groom were heading off for their mini moon the next day because they wouldn’t be back until after my flight back to Darwin left.

I’d like to wish them a huge congratulations on their wedding day and I cannot wait to hear all about their mini moon.



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