I’m Home!!!

Wow I just looked on the blog and realised I haven’t updated the blog since the 9th September!!! It’s been a busy old September so I’m going to go with that being the reason rather than lack of motivation!!!

Life has been great as usual with lots of time with the Aussie and our friends in Darwin as well as meeting lots of new people (including one of my blog readers who has also moved to Darwin and who we randomly met last week when introduced by mutual friends!!).

I also flew back to the UK very early on Saturday morning and after a shortish flight from Darwin to Singapore and what seemed like an endless flight from Singapore to the UK (it was an hour longer as we thankfully took the longer route around) I arrived home in London and was greeted by my brother.

Since coming home I’ve been spending time with my parents and brother, my gorgeous little dog Henry as well as my parents dogs and catching up with other family members too.

It’s been funny wandering around my old town and listening to the accents I grew up with and also trying not to pass out due to the jet lag but I am loving being home although missing the Aussie every day.

I’ll try and keep the blog going whilst I am home as I am lucky to come from Somerset in England which is a very beautiful place which deserves to be shown off as its often overlooked when its a great old place.


Happy Tuesday!


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