One Year On

Firstly me and the Aussie (or should that be the Aussie and I?) were approved for a house well unit on Friday and we will be signing the contract this Friday and moving in to our own place. I am very very excited about this because not only will we have our home together but we will also have an indoor toilet and shower and air conditioning which will be so good when the build up to the wet season hits. We’re now busy hunting through Gum Tree and all the similar websites to find furniture ready for when we get the keys!

We’ve had a busy old weekend all in all with some of the Aussies friends visiting Darwin and we got to enjoy some lovely dinners with them as well as trying out some touristy things in the Northern Territory that we haven’t tried before. I will talk about that some time this week I am sure as I go through the photos.

The final thing for this weekend is that today, the 10th August 2014 is one whole year since I arrived in Darwin and officially moved in with the Aussie!

I honestly have no idea where this past year has gone but it has zipped by in a heart beat and during that time I have had 2 jobs plus a couple of promotions, met lots of amazing people, some of which have become very good friends, tried new experiences such as sailing, outdoor bathrooms, cooking on a BBQ (including cooking a whole Christmas dinner on there and a sponge cake) and located 2 snakes and numerous spiders in the house!


The best times have been living with the Aussie and of course my families visit which was amazing but also sad when they had to go home as well. I am now counting down the days until I go home for 2 weeks in September to see them and my lovely friends.

Now we have a home and spare bedroom I am hopeful to have more people visit and also build lots of memories with the Aussie and our friends and families in our new home.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


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