Weekend Fun Part 2

On Saturday we paid a visit to the Royal Darwin Show that has been on from Thursday 24 July to Saturday 26 July 2014. This is the reason why we had a public holiday on Friday but I had also entered some photographs in the competition that was being run.

The Royal Darwin Show is run by The Royal Agricultural Society and is held every July. You can read more about the show and its objectives here.

The showgrounds have everything from a petting zoo, cars for sales, other commercial sales, our local politicians, photography displays to a fairground for the kids.

Royal Darwin Show Collage 1

We were only really visiting to see the photography display but ended up visiting quite a few areas which was fun. I had a cuddle with a Papillion puppy who was entering the dog show and made me miss my little ones at home in the UK who I cannot wait to see in September and also held a baby chicken which remarkably didn’t go to the toilet in my hand as expected!

I also really enjoyed a wander around the photography display to see my pictures up on display, even if 2 of them were hung the wrong way up(!), but best of all I discovered that two of my photos achieved second place in their classes.

This one in experimental:
Dragon 167/365
This one in Monochrome
Moo Cow dsc_0113

I really enjoy photography so it was a lovely surprise to see I’d come second and won a prize as well. It’s a good motivator to keep on taking the photos to see how well I can do in the next competition.

After the show we headed over to the TIO Stadium to watch the NT Thunders play the Sydney Swans Reserves.

Royal Darwin Show Collage 2

It was one of those evenings where the girls sat inside chatting whilst the boys watched the match which suited us all fine as we had a fun night chatting, eating good food and having a good catch up.

Also importantly the NT Thunders won which is always a good thing for your local team.


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