Family Trip Update

Having a great time with the family so far. We’ve been crocodile spotting, bird watching, visiting the markets as well as learning about Darwin’s involvement in World War II and attending a Viking Funeral so it’s been very busy but lots of fun.

I’m taking a LOT of photos as well so will write some posts over the next few weeks to tell you about our adventures through Darwin.

I’ve put together a HUGE list of things we can do in Darwin over the next week as well so we’re trying to decide what we should do so we can fit everything in. Although I think that if we don’t manage it all this week they will just have to visit me again!

I’m also really pleased with the house that we are staying in. We are staying in a house in a place called Fannie Bay (I can’t help laughing every time I say that) so their not getting the full outback experience but we’re close to the seaside which I love and so central it takes hardly any time to go to the places we want to visit.

We were also visited by a very cute green tree frog at the house who managed to get covered in my hair after my brother cut my hair for me this week! I was very excited and pleased that my brother was confident enough to give my hair a cut after recently qualifying as a Barber as I am a very anxious person in the hairdressers. Luckily the frog didn’t jump on my shoulder like last time when he hitched a ride after my shower.

Another Green Tree Frog


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