Whinging Poms!

I just did a search to find out why British people are called Poms by Australians and of course Wikipedia has the “answer” here. Apparently it’s not meant to be derogatory and I’ve never really found it to be, I find it more amusing than anything else!

However the phrase whinging Pom’s gets batter around a bit and the Aussie has before said to me as a joke (mainly during the incredibly humid wet season when I was fed up of being hot and having wet feet all the time from walking through puddles from all the rain) that I am a whinging Pom which always made me laugh. He didn’t use to call me a Princess for nothing!

I have also been told before that I have adjusted quickly to the Darwin climate and also that I am a Territorian now for the same reason! It is good to blend in with the locals where you live when you have moved there I think but sometimes it seems I have adjusted a little to well especially as now the dry is finally hear (thankfully) the weather during the day is usually in the late 20 degrees C but overnight drops to around 12 degrees some nights.

Temperatures at 6.10am Darwin time and 9.40pm UK time
Temperatures at 6.10am Darwin time and 9.40pm UK time

Now being from the UK I am used to 12 degree C days and as the temperature rose towards the 20’s thought it was a bit too warm, I used to sleep with a fan on overnight during the summer months in the UK, but now anything below 20 degrees feels pretty cool for me and when I wake up in the morning to 12 degrees it reminds me of mornings in the middle of the winter in the UK when the temperature was barely over 0 and I did not want to get up. I also used to tell the Aussie to man up when he was complaining about how cold it is here, I take that back but don’t tell him!

Add to that the fact that our solar power water heating system seems to be having a funny 5 minutes so the hot water is as cold if not colder than the actual temperature it does not make for a happy shower experience. Two days last week I stared at the water for a good few minutes trying to make myself step under the water before giving up. The Aussie could be heard swearing as he tortured himself with the cold water and I don’t know how he did it.

Luckily today work was carried out to try and fix the solar panel so fingers crossed a few cloudless days will give us some hot water.

I keep warning my parents and brother to bring their winter woolies when they come to Darwin! It seems very sensible when I slept with 2 tops a sheet and blanket last night!


2 thoughts on “Whinging Poms!

  1. 🙂 ha! This definitely gave me a chuckle. I’d never heard of the name “Pom” before. This was such a great post – especially for someone who’s never been to the UK or Australia! 🙂 I’m living vicariously through you! 😉


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