Ice Cream Days

It seems like it’s been a busy week but we haven’t done too much really and now we have a whole weekend with no plans which is pretty nice as we haven’t been home on the weekend for probably a month or longer. I’ve bought the food we will need for dinner so don’t really even need to go out unless it gets too hot and I feel the need for some air conditioning which is always a possibility.

Between working which has been hectic for both of us it’s been a dinner and ice cream sort of week though which is always fun (but expensive).

Somehow we ended up going out for dinner a few times. Monday night might have been due to my comment that I can’t be bothered to cook tonight and the Aussie claims he cannot cook, but I blame the 4am start for that one as we drop the Aussie’s brother off at the airport on a Monday morning for 6am so by the time I finish work all I want is to sleep sometimes. The rest of the week, not my fault!

We went to a restaurant in Palmerston on Monday called the Hogs Breath Cafe and the food in there is always pretty good with amazing steaks, it’s on the must visit list when my family gets here.

On Tuesday we went to a really nice Italian restaurant called Salvatores Cafe in Darwin City. I like it here because the Chef always comes out to check the food is good and will talk to you about how he cooks it or how much he loves creating the food. We’ve been here before and I learnt then to order an entree portion of pasta as the main course is huge! I had a gorgeous salmon pasta and I am going to have a go at re-making it this weekend for us. The Aussie had a very nice looking steak as well.

They also have really good looking desserts but we popped to an ice cream shop around the corner called Trampoline Gelato, I had a passion fruit and Eton mess tub which was very very good. I can highly recommend this shop!

Trampoline Ice Cream

Thursday we had to pick the Aussie’s brother up from the airport at 8:30 so headed to Stokes Hill Wharf which has great views of the city and out to sea as well as a good selection of shop/stalls where you can buy dinner. There are usually pretty good fish and chips available there which we opted for and of course we had some ice cream after, purely to fill the time before we had to go to the airport of course.

View from Stokes Hill Wharf Darwin
View from Stokes Hill Whard

Finally on Friday I had dinner with a couple of friends at a restaurant called Nirvana whilst the Aussie went for a drink at our favourite Friday night spot, Dinah Beach. I’ve never been to Nirvana before and we decided to choose 3 different dishes (butter chicken, Malaysian sauteed beef and Thai Beef Mussaman so we could all have a bit of each and it was such a delicious meal. I didn’t take any photos as the food was too nice and the chatting non stop.

They also had live music during dinner which was good although we were chatting so much we forgot to clap a lot!

We decided that it would be a good idea to FaceTime my Mum at dinner so my friends could meet her. Unfortunately she wasn’t available so we called my brother as well which was funny and he owes us a drink now I think! I am really looking forward to everyone meeting when my family arrive in 29 days!


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