Visit from a Green Tree Frog

So this afternoon I decided I was going to “pop” into the city (aka drive 70+ km’s) as I wanted to look for some gifts to send to one of my blog link up partners.

I popped in the shower, got out wrapped my hair up in a towel, shook my other towel to make sure there were no bugs or spiders in it and got dry. Then I walked through the house, had a chat with the Aussie and then looked for something to wear. I sit down on the bed looked to the right, spot the green tree frog sat on my shoulder. Yep sat there like it’s the most normal thing in the world.

I of course screamed and knocked him or her off my shoulder before remembering that I actually like green tree frogs a lot (except when they pee on you – yep one did that when I was trying to take a photo once) and that if he stayed in the house he’d die because of the lack of water.

I tracked him down eventually and the Aussie rescued him and put him back on the shower rail outside where he sat there looking a bit shaken which is not surprising given his ordeal and let me take some pictures.

I love his expression in this photo, it’s very you just screamed at me and threw me on the ground, I appreciate the rescue and all that but do you have to take photos!?!



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