Mindil Beach Sunset Markets

So it must be the dry season or just about as Mindil Beach Sunset Markets started yesterday! The Aussie tells me it’s not the dry season yet as that doesn’t start till May so we shall see.

Crowds at Mindil Beach Markets

They run from the last Thursday of April to the last Thursday of October each year and start and end the season with a fireworks display which judging by last nights show is pretty awesome.

This is one of my favourite places to visit in Darwin and I will admit I was excited about the markets starting again as it gives us something great to do on a Thursday night after work when we’re waiting to pick up the Aussie’s brother from the airport.

News Reporter
(Even the weather forecast was from Mindil Beach)

I really enjoy visiting the markets because they have heaps of stalls selling everything from picture postcards to cattle whips if thats your thing, mementos for your trip to Darwin, clothes, art work and there is also the most amazing food and drinks on sale there.

Mindil Beach Market

The food stalls all run along the back of the market and you walk down there and are tempted by all of the delicious foods. I’ve seen everything from ice-cream’s and smoothies made to your specifications to kangaroo and crocodile, pizzas, sushi, oysters, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Mexican the whole lot. It is sometimes near impossible to choose what to eat so you end up trying a little bit from a few different stall holders.

Stalls at Mindil Beach Markets

Last night we had roast duck with pak choi and rice which was so fully of flavour it was amazing. I also love to try the Laksa’s and will have one the next time we visit.

Dinner Choices

There are also always live performers so you get to listen to great unknown singers, people who juggle, fire performers and like last night an angry looking green mermaid!!!

They also have an area where bands perform and last night we watched a group called Room 105 who were pretty great but have also seen bands from the Australian Armed Forces as well as local and not so local groups.

Mindil Beach Sunset

Another great thing about the market is it is right next to Mindil Beach so you can go and do some shopping, choose your dinner and then go sit on the beach watching the sunset and eat it.

Sunset at Mindil Beach

What’s not to love?


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