Random Seasons

On Saturday I went shopping to try and find some linen trousers for work. I like wearing them as their cool when your walking around the city but also look smart enough for work.

A few weeks ago when it was Summer here they were everywhere and of course I didn’t want to buy any. Now it’s almost Winter the Summer clothes have all disappeared to be replaced by Winter clothes and the only trousers I can find are the heavy plastic looking/feeling type of trousers which are somewhat perfect in places where it’s not so warm over the Winter. Here in Darwin though the temperature will stay above 20 degrees C so I really want linen trousers or at least some trousers made of a better material.

It’s a bit frustrating walking around some shops in Darwin really because it’s fairly obvious that the chain stores don’t think about the differences in weather between Darwin and say Melbourne this time of year.

I have seen woolie hats, scarves and gloves in the shops here as well as thick looking jumpers and tops which are totally inappropriate for Darwin but obviously the shop has decided this is it’s new stock for Winter so every shop in Australia will get it never mind whether it’s needed.

Winter Woolies

So far it seems like it might prove to be difficult to buy clothes for the Winter here some times.

So now as with most things you want to buy in Darwin like electrical equipment I will have to look online and will probably order some trousers from the UK to be sent here as luckily the Spring/Summer clothes will be coming in to the shops there now and with companies like ASOS and New Look they will deliver here for a very low delivery charge so it makes it worth it.

It is a shame that shops don’t actually think about their target audience when selecting clothes but let’s hope I really don’t need to buy a woolie hat for Winter as well!


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