DIY Confusion

The Aussie has a boat and has been working on getting it ready for sailing this weekend between our other plans.

He needed to get a new drill bit as his broke when he was using the drill apparently, so this morning we paid a visit to Bunnings which is a massive DIY Superstore in Australia.

I’ve been there with him before and it seriously baffles me that there can be quite so many drill bits, types of wood or even glue! Someone I know told me they had spent 4 hours in Bunnings one weekend choosing paint, crazy I tell you!

So we went to choose a drill bit, well he did whilst I laughed at the number of men stood in the aisle choosing their purchase for the day. I thought I had taken a photo of this but it doesn’t seem to have saved to my phone.

Here is the display the Aussie got to choose from, how on earth do you choose!?! I suppose it’s like a man walking in to a store and trying to decide which shampoo to buy maybe!


The Aussie selected his bit, a 22mm apparently, and away we went stopping off at the sausage sizzle on the way out!



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