Hectic Old Week

This weeks been a wee bit busy as I started my new job in Tuesday! I was only between jobs for a couple of weeks but it’s taking a few days to get adjusted to the new routine so have been quite tired in the evening.

I’m really enjoying being back in work, earning money (of course) and am very lucky to be working with some really lovely and supportive people.

I feel that I have been very lucky work wise over the years as I have enjoyed working with nearly all of my colleagues and have made good friends along the way.

Me and the Aussie did have a fun night out to the cinema this week and went to watch The Lego Movie! The cinema was of course full of kids with their parents as it’s a kids movie but I loved it!

The film was very very funny with plenty of jokes and story lines for the kids and adults so we were all literally laughing out loud. I would highly recommend going to watch it, they even have a 3D version.

On a more random point this is where I found a wasp had tried building a nest at the house! Not the best location I think you’d agree!



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