Aussie Burgers

I haven’t done one of my “outback recipes” for a little while now so thought today’s dinner might be a good one for an update.

I don’t know if there is such a thing as an Aussie Burger but when I first visited Australia I had a burger which was very similar to this and called an Aussie Burger and so every often I make it for us. It seems a bit weird because of some of the ingredients but actually tastes so good, it’s definitely comfort food.

The recipe is also so straightforward and goes something like this:

For the Burgers the ingredients per person are…

Aussie Burger Ingredients

2 x burgers
1 x burger bun
1 x slice of cheese
2 x slice beetroot
1 x pineapple ring (would suggest using the ones in juice not syrup)

Then just cook the burgers on the BBQ and pile them up with the other ingredients in the bun. I chose a slice of beetroot followed by a burger then slice of cheese, burger and slice of pineapple. You can add sauce like ketchup but it has quite a lot of flavour without the sauce.

Aussie Burger Creation

For the chips I just bought a tin of pre cooked potates sliced them up into pieces and fried them in oil in a pre-heated frying pan.

Home Made Chips

I’m sure a chip pan would work as well but you’d have to be careful they don’t over cook as the pieces are quite small.


Finally I served it with a mixed salad and everyone dug in!

Aussie Burger Dinner


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