Happy Birthday!

It’s birthday time again for two of my beautiful Friends B and E.

(Image from here)

Apparently you share your birthday with Ewan McGregor, Christopher Walken and Al Gore!

Ewan McGregor
(Image from here)

I decided you would appreciate a photo of Ewan McGregor rather than Al or Christopher!?!

I have known E since I was mmmmm about 5 years old when we started Primary School (and possibly for a time before that) so we have known each other for a LONG old time now eek. I remember many a night after school spent at each of our houses playing on the Commodore 64!

I will never forget the horrible time that whilst swinging a plastic tennis racket around I managed to hit E in the face with it as she ran past leaving lines on her face and everything (so sorry E!) and will also always remember the time that whilst at my birthday party E was doing some break dancing and broke her wrist! I can show you the exact spot she did it as well.

(Image from here)

I first met B at secondary school so when we were 11 years old, again a long old time! I can’t wait for her wedding in September as I will be going back to the UK for the first time since last August to see my family, friends and celebrate her wedding.

B is so supportive of me and my time in Australia she always tells me how proud she is of me which is so lovely to hear really as I never think of me being brave or what not. She spent a year and a bit in China and it was so cool seeing about her time there as well as seeing where she lived.

Having that kind of support though alongside my families support goes such a long way in what can be quite an isolating time/experience and knowing she’s there at the end of the phone, laptop etc makes my life so much easier.

happy birthday moo
(Image from here as B LOVES cows!)

Both E and B are so supportive and kind hearted especially with their hectic lives of working, family, studying, planning weddings they deserve an extra special birthday day!

keep calm
(Image from here)

Happy Birthday Ladies – let’s celebrate in September xxx


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