Pesky Little Biters

I sometimes feel like a human pin cushion or blood bank in the outback. Not because I am having injections or blood taken but because of the mosquitoes and other bugs that seem to be drawn to me.

Image from Homemade Mosquito Repellent (which I am now going to read!)

Apparently there are over 100 species of mosquitoes in the Northern Territory and allegedly only 20 of those species are a pest mmmmm!

Other than the diseases that we know about them spreading there are also some that get spread in the Territory and the local radio stations keep reminding us of the risk which is increased at this time of year because of the current conditions. So generally I’m not overly keen on the little critters who sometimes will blatantly sit there having a quick sip of your blood.

I was reminded of their pestiness whilst trying to cook dinner tonight as our sink where I filled a saucepan with water and the BBQ where I cook are both outside. I think in the few seconds it took to walk around the house from the sink to BBQ I was bitten at least once as they all swarmed around me with no shame!

I had to spray some mosquito repellent on my legs in the end as they were getting very itchy from the bites and I have in the past had to use fancy prescription only cream on them to stop the itch and heal the bites and I didn’t fancy that again.

As I sprayed it on my legs this then reminded me of the first time I used one of the more potent brands of repellent after others hadn’t quite done the job. This one was advertised as having 40% deet which I now know is an extremely evil creation in that it tastes like your mouth is on fire if whilst cooking you accidentally lick your finger which is covered in it.

My lips literally went numb as did my tongue and it took lots of water to rinse it off to regain the feeling!!! It did however also keep the mosquitoes away which was good but a pain when you consider the other option!

I have tried researching what makes you more attractive to mosquitoes and how to stop the itch but there doesn’t seem to be any real solution other than these semi toxic sprays.

I now only spray the deet stuff on my legs but only if I absolutely have to because its so potent. When it runs out I might downgrade to the 20% deet formula and hopefully it won’t be quite so bad!!!

Luckily the mosquitoes aren’t about all the time and as we head in to the dry season it should get lots better.

Oh how I cannot wait for the dry season!!!


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