Salmon and Mushroom Pancakes

I realised on the way to work today that it is Shrove Tuesday which is the day before Ash Wednesday and signifies the start of lent. It is also known in some Countries including the UK and Australia as Pancake Day.

Pancakes are associated with the day preceding Lent because they were a way to use up rich foods such as eggs, milk, and sugar, before the fasting season of the 40 days of Lent.

I normally have sweet pancakes with things like sugar and lemon or maple syrup on Shrove Tuesday which are really delicious but decided to try some savoury pancakes today so we could have them for dinner and if we fancied it afterwards, to have some sweet pancakes.

I found the recipe that is the basis of this meal here and tweaked it a bit to fit my favourite ingredients and what we had in the fridge.

The Ingredients for the Mushroom and Salmon

A couple of handfuls of mushrooms diced
A couple of handfuls of green capsicum and red capsicum diced
A small onion diced
200g salmon
A small jar of hollandaise sauce
A tablespoon of dill chopped

I chopped up the mushrooms, capsicum and onion in to small pieces and set them aside whilst i copped up the dill. i mixed the dill and hollandaise sauce in a bowl and set that aside as well. I then chopped up the salmon in to small pieces.

Cooking Vegetables

I was lazy and used a pre mixed pancake mix where you just added water. The pancakes came out nicely but were a touch on the sweet side so I would recommend making up the pancakes yourself.

Pancake Cooking

I then began heating up the frying pan to cook the pancakes, pouring in small amounts so that I ended up with 2 pancakes per person. At the same time I turned on the oven part of the BBQ to heat it up to 200 degrees C.

I cooked up the six pancakes setting them aside before beginning the salmon mixture.

Adding in the Salmon

Firstly I cooked the onion, capsicum and mushrooms so that they were still a bit crunchy and added in the salmon by gently folding it in to the vegetables so that it didn’t break up to much.

I cooked the salmon and vegetables together for a couple of minutes before pouring in the hollandaise and dill which was cooked until hot.

With the Hollandaise

I set out the pancakes in oven trays and spooned in the mixture in to each pancake. I tried to fold the pancakes up but couldn’t get them to stay in shape even with cocktail sticks so put both trays in to the BBQ, closed the lid and cooked them for about 7 minutes until the pancakes were a bit crunchy.

Ready for the Oven

To finish of the dish I made up a light salad and served it with a pre-bought pasta salad we might have to have some sweet pancakes another day!

The Finished Product


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