What would you choose? Number plates


I often have a laugh driving and wandering around when I see the number plates on peoples cars in and around Darwin, not in a bad way, I just love to see what they have on their cars.


A lot of people have the standard Northern Territory plates which are just a set of seemingly random letters and numbers which in their own way identify a car’s date and place of issue.


However you also find a lot of personalised number plates here in the Northern Territory and it seems like they can pretty much be anything as long as their not rude or insulting (or at least I have never seen any that fall in to either category).


You find that they can be anything from a person’s name, the company name they work for if it is a works vehicle, to some kind of slogan or team support (I saw one that said WestHamU the other day which I assume is in homage to West Ham United!!).


Sometimes they make no sense at all and me and the Aussie have spent many a time behind a car trying to work out what the number plate is supposed to say! Either way I find them entertaining and often laugh when I see what someone has chosen.


There is even a website called Number Plate Stories where a lady in Darwin is taking photos of the number plates she see’s and asks people to contact her and give her their story for the number plate they chose.


It got me thinking what would I choose as a number plate if I ever bought a car in Darwin, or maybe I can hijack the Aussie’s number plate!!! What would you choose?



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