Crazy Weather

When I look on my Facebook timeline, or whatever it’s called these days, I see lots and lots of articles and photos showing the flooding that both Somerset in the UK where I come from and the Northern Territory in Australia where I am spending the year, are suffering because of the rain that just won’t stop falling.

The screenshot below was what I spotted when I was scrolling through.


I’ve heard from my Mum that some of my relatives are on high alert for floods and I hope that they as well as anyone else affected by the severe rain are safe and well.

We’ve also been told that the nearby dam is close to going over the spillway which means that low lying areas like the roads will probably flood as well if it should go over. Luckily the rain wasn’t so heavy today so fingers crossed this won’t happen now or that if it does it won’t be too bad on the roads.

It’s very weird to see that both countries are suffering the same issue at the same time especially when most people think of Australia as always sunny and hot but here in the Top End the rain is what this time of year is all about.

It’s also a bit of a relief that I’m not commuting from Somerset to Bristol for work at the moment as you could always guarantee that it when I was and it would rain all the trains would be affected so you’d be delayed or like last year stranded one end of your journey or the other. Of course if the damn does go over the spillway I could get stuck at home even here in Australia.

The question is will there be a drought or hose pipe ban along with tales of water shortages this year!

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