Mini Photography Excitement

I decided that to help with my motivation and also to develop my photography that I would join the local camera club in Darwin. I went to the last meeting in 2013 and had a good evening so decided to go back tonight and join up.

The club has a monthly competition where you can enter photos for the monthly theme and also a more open category where you can enter anything you like. I couldn’t enter for the theme so thought I’d have a go in the open category.

Initially I was only going to enter the “open print” category with the two photos below and had them printed out and ready to go.

Clouds and Water Lillies
Submerged Object

When I arrived at the Camera Club and joined up I noticed that there was also a “digital open” category which meant you could enter another two photos by putting them in the slide show that is shown on the computer so I entered these two shots for the “digital open category”

The Bridge

I am really glad that I decided to enter the digital category as well because I came first with the second image of the black and white bridge!

I can’t believe that I even placed in the competition on my first time of entering but its a really good incentive to keep taking photos so I would really recommend joining a camera club if you enjoy photography. It seems silly I haven’t joined one before as I’ve been taking photos for a few years now.

Now I just have to think of a photo for next months theme which is blue mmmmmm!


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